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About Us -
We believe experience is key! For more than three decades, members of our advisory team have performed hundreds of water loss control projects which have included all major components of a successful recovery program - leak detection, retail meter testing, plant meter testing, Zone Flow Analysis (DMAs), theft investigation, hydrant and mains flushing, etc. Although each project was a little different, they had one commonality: The inability of the utility to provide accurate records for uses of water for the operation of the utility, or public service. (Un-billed, authorized usage).

The lack of proper and accurate records for un-billed, authorized water usage, has been recognized as
"THE" major obstacle to selecting the most appropriate water loss control solution, and the inability of attaining an accurate water balance. Recognizing the impact a record's management system would have on this industry, we established the Water Audit Network to provide water utilities an opportunity to easily keep track of water usage and system information. And, when applicable, to remain in compliance with new State regulations for water conservation and accountability by providing a complete, updated water audit per the new AWWA/IWA(1) standards, and on a regular month-to-month basis.

Currently, we offer an
AuditKeeper Preview to easily compute a "Trial Audit", including your UARL and ILI, and are moving rapidly toward a total, web-based data collection and reporting capability.

The Water Audit Network is the easiest, most affordable solution for generating and maintaining your records; Insures input by all water users -
Fire, public works, permits; And is poised to lead a revolution in our industry.

We're here to assist you, and invite you to begin your quest for water loss
reduction by utilizing
AuditKeeper to compute your U.A.R.L. 

It's FREE!

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