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Your Initial "Trial Audit" Computation Is


The following fees are applicable for participation in the Records Management System--AuditKeeper™:

Rates and Fees

1. An initial Set-up and 12 Month Enrollment Fee of $499.00

…. A one time, non-refundable set-up and enrollment fee enrolls your utility in the monthly records management program. This fee includes your initial data set-up, and professional reporting of your monthly water audit, UARL, ILI, and more for 12 months.

2. A Small, $35.00 Monthly Fee Begins After 12 Months.

…. A low monthly maintenance fee for the duration of the 60 month program.

The totally automated system is currently under development, and we anticipate a 2nd Quarter 2012 launch date.
AuditKeeper™    .

Meanwhile, please take this opportunity to compute your UARL, based on the new AWWA-IWA Best Management Practices, by following this link:

Complimentary "Trial Audit" Calculator!

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