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Water Loss Control

Water Loss Management

Let's Face The Facts! Leaks Are Going To Happen ! - Regardless of the various attempts at prevention such as pressure reduction, or material selection.

The most important issues water utilities need to address are:

  • Are you going to continue spending your budget on studying the leakage issue?
  • Are you going to spend it on solving the problem by reducing your current annual real losses (leakage) to lower levels?

The answer? Reduce your current annual real losses by reducing leak run-time; The time between a leak occurring, and repair.

In most utilities, leaks often run, un-noticed, for extremely long periods. What effect would a comprehensive,
monthly leak survey have on water loss? How about daily?

(Hint! Reducing leak run-time reduces water loss.)

Automatic leak detection solutions are available that include an array of advanced leak detection sensors performing a daily leak survey of the distribution system. Leak noise data is collected daily, monthly or on-demand - Depending on the collection mechanism - and the data is maintained long-term for automatic analysis and leak notification.

Begin by
computing your UARL.

Investigate new technology by attending the seminar
"Solving the Water Loss Puzzle". To Register, visit a b3o eXpo.


Types of Water Losses

Water Loss Management

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